vacation destinations near scranton pennsylvania

3 Vacation Destinations Near Scranton, Pennsylvania

Located in the center of the Lackawanna River valley, Scranton is the sixth largest city in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. But it’s not just it’s just the fact that the Electric City – as it is known by many – had the US’s first streetcars powered only by electricity that makes this place so special. Oh no. Or, at least, it’s not just that. Scranton, with all its rich culture and history, is also one of those unique places scattered all around America where, if you have a car, you can reach some amazing vacation destinations without having to drive for very long.

Be it a local or a traveler, if you’re willing to drive, anyone can take full advantage of the different vacation destinations that surround Scranton. Grandparents, young children, couples, teenagers, young adults… If Scranton is your home base, then you’ll be sure to find something for everyone.

So, let’s take a look, shall we? Here are three driving-distance vacation destinations near Scranton that offer all sorts of activities for you to enjoy.

Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania

vacation destinations near scranton pennsylvania
Sundance Vacations isn’t the only fan of the Pocono Mountains are only an hour drive away from Scranton. There you can find… Well, you can find anything, really. At any time of the year. Winter, summer, fall and spring, sunshine or rain… There’s not a bad time to visit this place. If you’re an outdoorsy sort of person, then this is 2400 square miles of pure paradise.

From numerous ski resorts (Camelback Mountain with tubing lanes and 34 trails that are all lit up so you can visit them even at night, Jack Frost and Big Boulder Ski Resort with 28 trails, and Shawnee Mountain with 23 slopes, just to drop a few names), hiking paths, rafting, adventure parks, aerial rope course, zip lining.

There’s really no limit to the amount of stuff you can do. There’s also no wrong choice, so feel free to try anything. Don’t worry about missing out since return trips will definitely be necessary. After all, it’s impossible to fully experience all that Pocono Mountains in just one vacation. But if skiing and hiking and all those other outdoor activities are not your thing, you don’t have to worry.

While Pocono Mountains may be an outdoor person’s dream come true, it doesn’t mean that it can’t cater to those who prefer more relaxing vacations. Outlet stores, flea market, boutiques, antique stores, the Mount Airy Casino, museums… There’s a lot you can see and explore without having to put on any special equipment.

Food is also never going to be much of a worry. From pubs to fancy restaurants, they got you covered. That’s the beauty – well, other than its natural beauty, that is – of the Pocono Mountains: no matter who you are, you are sure to enjoy yourself while staying there.

Atlantic City, New Jersey

vacation destinations near scranton pennsylvania
Another Sundance Vacations favorite is Atlantic City. Atlantic City is well known for: casinos, beaches, boardwalks, being the inspiration for the original Monopoly and hosting the Miss America pageant. So it’s not a surprise that when it comes to attractions, there’s also lot of things you can see and do while staying there. And at just 2 hours’ drive from Scranton, why not give it a shot? It’s not for nothing that Atlantic City has earned the name title of “Gambling Capital of the East Coast”, after all. With eight large casinos and some other smaller ones, many travelers come from all over just to gamble. 

However, “many” doesn’t mean all, so just because you’re in Atlantic City, doesn’t mean you have to spend all your time gambling. The Atlantic City Boardwalk, for example, is four miles long and free for everyone to enjoy. The Atlantic City Beach is another great attraction to those who enjoy the sun and the sea. And it’s also in Atlantic City that you can find the original salt water taffy, it’s delicious and beloved recipe dating all the way back to the 1920s.

Other attractions that are sure to be fun for sea lovers include the Atlantic City Aquarium, and the Absecon Lighthouse. Being the third tallest lighthouse in the nation, it takes 228 steps to get all the way to the top. And it also features a nice little museum. The Steel Pier is also guaranteed to hold your interest

If shopping is more your thing, though, then you can always go to the Tanger Outlet, which has over 100 open-air stores for you to checkout. Atlantic City also has a Ripley’s Believe It or Not museum, for those who are more curious about the weird and unusual than about the ocean.

Jersey Shore, New Jersey

vacation destinations near scranton pennsylvania
Less than 3.5 hours from Scranton, the Jersey Shore is the name used to refer for the 141 miles of oceanfront land that stretches from Perth Amboy to Cape May point. Other than having its name used for the famous MTV reality show, the Jersey Shore is well known for boardwalks, arcades, and amusement parks.

It might not sound like much for those who have never visited it, but Jersey Shore has earned its reputation as a great vacation destination for a reason. Sightseeing, boardwalk games, fun rides, beach bonfires… You’ll be surprised by just how much you can do when there. It will make you feel like a kid again. And if you’re traveling with children, then they are sure to love it. Well, if you’re traveling with anyone they are sure to love it, be it kids, teenagers, friends, parents, significant others… It doesn’t matter.

But if beaches and boardwalks are really not your thing, I assure that you have nothing to worry about. The Jersey Shore stretches across numerous cities, most of which have all sorts of different attractions for you to explore. From parks to museums, restaurants to tiki bars, clubs to amusement parks…. The list could go on forever, to be quite honest. If you have a car and are willing to drive, the possibilities are truly endless, everything being well within your reach.

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