Philly Limo Service

Traveling to Philadelphia

Philadelphia is a diverse city with a distinct energy that makes it the perfect getaway. From the Liberty Bell to the Museum of Art, there are a lot of famous attractions to explore. Anybody who has driven through the busy downtown area knows that logistics can be a bit challenging, especially when you want to visit multiple destinations in one evening.

Limos in Philly are an entertainment based transportation solution to consider when you’re in the area. This type of reservation will ensure your experience on the roads in Philadelphia are marked by convenience and luxury instead of worrying about driving. Since Philadelphia is only a short drive from Northeast Pennsylvania, you can experience a new setting without having to travel for hours. When you’re not the one in charge of dealing with directions, traffic, and finding a viable parking spot, you’ll find that your experience is elevated to the next level. 

The extensive directory of nightlife spots and other Philadelphia attractions makes it easy to entertain a variety of interests when you’re planning and adventure.  Not to mention, there are always new destinations popping up to freshen up the scene. You have a lot to choose from, but here are two of the newest places to open up in Philly. 

Porta – Authentic Neapolitan Pizza Restaurant

1216 Chestnut Street

Porta is a new Italian restaurant with a notable menu. There are a ton of vegan options to consider and an extensive wine collection. They have house made pasta and mozzarella, so it’s truly authentic Italian food. As far as nightlife goes, they host DJ nights with fantastic drink specials. It gets pretty rowdy during the weekend compared to the low key vibe that’s found here during weekdays. Good food and quality wine are on the menu regardless of when you decide to visit. 

Concourse Dance Bar

1635 Market Street

Concourse Dance Bar is a unique spot that’s a fresh addition to Philadelphia nightlife. One of the best aspects of this destination is the fact that they have an actual ball pit inside. They give it a deep cleaning each week, so it’s even safe for those who are germaphobic in nature. There are constantly hosting events like nostalgia nights, local musicians, and industry nights. The open atmosphere and friendly bartenders make it a must try for anybody exploring nightlife in the area. 

Whether you’re looking for a chill atmosphere or you’d rather expend some energy dancing and socializing, Philadelphia is a promising spot to plan a night out!



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