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Welcome to AmberDonia Bakery of Kingston, Pennsylvania!

On a side street off Wyoming Avenue on the northern side of the borough of Kingston, you’ll find the very very lovely AmberDonia Bakery. This quaint spot replaced the bakery’s Dickson City location, and there is a new second location coming to the area soon! Follow your nose through Kingston, and AmberDonia is just around the corner! This place is truly a gem in this river valley of Pennsylvania.

Coming from the south on Wyoming Avenue, you’re getting warm when you reach the PNC Bank – turn right on East Union Avenue, and you’re almost there! Alternatively, heading from the north, turn left on East Union when you reach the Chevy dealer. As you drive or walk along the tree-lined street, you won’t have to go very far before the statue of a jolly baker confirms with a thumbs up that you’ve reached your destination. He welcomes you into this heart-filled bakery, for which the community of Kingston is the perfect backdrop.

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Kingston, Pennsylvania: A Great Place to Call Home

If you happen to be cruising down the Susquehanna river, you’ll drift right past the town of Kingston, PA on the river’s west bank. Kingston is within the borders of Luzerne County, not all that far from the Pocono Mountain area. There is a reason Kingston’s motto is “a great place to call home”. Residents enjoy an abundance of easily accessible indoor and outdoor recreational activities, and the Susquehanna River is an added bonus.

River adventures such as fishing and kayaking await! If you’re not into getting out on the water, you can enjoy one of Kingston’s parks that sit right on the river’s edge. One such park, Nesbitt Park, even has its own disc golf course! This small but mighty town offers a total of seven outdoor parks and playgrounds, a lighted softball field, and an Olympic-plus sized pool in addition to indoor venues. Of course it’s a great place to call home!

Service is a priority in this town, as evidenced by a guaranteed 3-minute emergency response time. Hospitality runs through its veins, and residents are close. It’s no wonder AmberDonia blends right in. Kingston is fortunate to have AmberDonia, and AmberDonia is blessed with incredible neighbors.

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The Story of AmberDonia Bakery

Since opening its Kingston doors in 2015, AmberDonia has quickly become a favorite to locals who rave about their visits. Owned by Aida and Butch Sacipi, AmberDonia focuses on bringing old world European charm to the greater Wilkes-Barre/Scranton area. The bakery’s name may even sound like it’s from a fairy tale, though we can assure you, this place is real!

Aida and Butch have three children, and the name AmberDonia is actually a combination of their two daughters’ names: Amberly + Cedonia. How sweet! The AmberDonia bakery is fully intertwined with this family’s life, as far as they even live above the store! To Aida, there is nothing more relaxing than baking, and she creates delicacies for every customer with the same love she would her family.

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Passion and Creativity

The Sacipis bring worldly tastes and recipes to a very local area, and they operate on pure passion. That same passion they know has coursed through the creation of recipes from generation to generation. Aida’s love for baking was developed through studying under a Sicilian pastry chef at the young age of 14.

Aida is originally from Yugoslavia and immigrated to Queens, New York. Meanwhile, Butch grew up in Rome and also spent time living in Brooklyn, New York. Now they are bringing their heritages to Kingston where many a foreign pastry or true Italian style pizza is hard to come by.

No longer does one need to drive to New York or Philadelphia to find goodies made by scratch with recipes hundreds of years old. Butch knows his fellow residents can find what they want right there in Kingston. Even if you’re not from Kingston, AmberDonia is well worth a visit to the lovely town!

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AmberDonia Uses High Quality and Authentic Ingredients

Why is it worth it? Well, for starters, everything at the incredible AmberDonia is hand-made with quality ingredients, authentic and fresh. When we say authentic, we mean flour from Naples to make true Neapolitan pizza (if you’ve visited Naples or watched Eat Pray Love, you may picture L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele). And when we say fresh, we mean house-made mozzarella cheese and pizza dough made daily.

If they run out of freshly made dough, you’re out of luck until tomorrow! If that’s not a sure indication of freshness, we don’t know what is! Speaking of Butch’s influence on the restaurant, he even built the bakery’s brick oven, which flash-cooks your pizza in less than two minutes. Talk about fast and delicious!! AmberDonia is a favorite thanks to its owners’ commitment to quality and originality.

No artificial flavoring, preservatives, or corn syrup here! With display cases that will make you go weak in the knees, you better arrive with an empty stomach.

AmberDonia Bakery Menu

Eat dessert first? Sure, what not? If we could say nothing else about the incredible menu at AmberDonia Bakery, we would say it has zest. The sheer variety of desserts is overwhelming. The 12-tray “Ferris wheel” on which Aida does her baking should be evidence enough.

If you have a tough time with decisions, we suggest you think about what you want in advance! From Zebra Tarts to Cannoli’s to cream puffs to cheesecake, the pastries are as authentic as they come.

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The Sfogliatelli, a flakey, shell-shaped pastry filled with creamy ricotta and orange zest, is a top choice. If you’re looking for cookies, enjoy some fresh out of the oven – the traditional almond cookies are lip-smackingly good. The cakes and cupcakes are bright and enticing, and you may find yourself mesmerized with them gleaming behind the counter. Have your cake and customize it too.

AmberDonia has many many selections of layered cake flavors and designs for your special occasion! You should see some of the cakes they’ve pulled off! Aida and her team go above and beyond to make your order perfect and ready when you need it. Really, they go above and beyond in general. These treats are to die for!

Enough Sweets! It’s Pizza Time!

You may have a sweet tooth, but you will definitely want to try the pizza. AmberDonia has a number of named pies with their favorite combinations pre-selected for you. Then again, if you want to include even more of their fresh ingredients, like mortadella, capocollo or sopressata, you can build your own! At the top of their list is the traditional Margherita.

It’s spread with fresh san marzano tomatoes, that homemade mozzarella, Parmigiano, olive oil, and basil. Add a little prosciutto, and you have yourself a ‘Romeo and Juliet’. You can also try the pizza named after Aida and Butch’s son. Thorin’s Thunder is topped with tomatoes, homemade mozzarella, spice supersata, spice pepperoni, spice lonza, fresh peaches, olive oil, and basil. Woah. Sounds so delicious it could be heart stopping.

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Still not sure what to pick? If you really can’t decide between dessert and pizza and you only have room for one course, there’s the Nutella Bella. This perhaps slightly confusing pizza must satisfy your sweet and savory tastes with Chocolate Hazelnut, olive oil and Parmigiano! If you want to skip the dough for any reason, go with one of their tasty salads. Whatever your choice, you won’t pay a premium, not even for the freshest ingredients around!

Amberdonia Bakery is BYOB!

Whether you’re taking advantage of the BYOB, or sipping on some hot tea or coffee, you’ll want to relax and drink in the charm of this place. Go ahead! Indulge yourself. Allow yourself to be transported to a place you feel like a tourist, and you’re traveling with close friends. While you are miles from a major international airport here in Kingston, you haven’t actually travelled far to experience a picturesque, foreign café.

The owners truly want the feeling of antiquity to surround you as you enjoy your food. Rustic and sun-filled, AmberDonia is cozy.

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With Butch’s talents in masonry and decorative concrete work, AmberDonia’s Kingston location was developed into the old-world setting it is today. In addition to the atmosphere, customers love the novelty of a lazy susan on every table, providing various spices to add unique flavors to your pizza. Oh, and did we mention Butch also created the unique pizza stands on each table? With outdoor seating, you can even enjoy your very fresh food in the fresh air!

How about a little garlic red bell pepper or sriracha? You’ll have nothing but community vibes with locals frequenting the shop for their favorites. They do not take reservations, but any wait you have will be beyond worth it!

AmberDonia, Just One of the Neighbors

The day starts early (Aida gets up around 3 am) and is filled with lots and lots of hard work. Still, the owners and staff at AmberDonia of Kingston are as friendly as can be. Welcoming to all, even fussy children, the AmberDonia family will treat you like family, and their service is phenomenal.

Hosting events like baby showers, the bakery really embraces you and provides a warm space for community gatherings. Not only that, but the incredible number and variety of cakes the team has created for special events in the surrounding area makes it a neighborhood icon.

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AmberDonia even presents an annual pastry-spree award to a high-achieving student from each grade of the local school. The business also regularly donates to local fundraisers. This one-of-a-kind bakery is truly a role model for community involvement through both its hospitality and generosity.

Aida loves that her family’s bakery can serve such a special place in the homey town of Kingston. In fact, the Sacipis believe a key ingredient in their food is community. Nearby business owners are helping drive an increasing local following. Kingston is considered a “bedroom community”, which means most of its inhabitants commute nearby for work.

Naturally, AmberDonia is the perfect start to their day. Imagine heading to work early on a chilly morning, tipping your hat to the baker statue outside, and heading into the cozy joint for an incredibly affordable coffee and pastry. Chances are you will be back for dinner with your family! I’m a little jealous, aren’t you? What a perfect thing to be a part of, and AmberDonia is entirely grateful to share their heart-filled endeavor with all.

Pastries and Pizzas. Pizzas and Pastries.

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Before we gush anymore, just checking, are you still there? Hello? Well, if you’re still reading (aka have not dropped everything to go find your favorite thing at AmberDonia), you won’t be much longer. We are ready to send you on your way to a place of antiquity, where you shall find your heart’s desire. Boy oh boy, we are certainly in love with AmberDonia Kingston!

We know you will be too. Maybe you need a cake for a bridal shower or baptism. Perhaps you are craving traditional Neapolitan pizza. Perchance you are looking for a pastry you can’t seem to find anywhere else nearby. Then again, you could be looking for a nice new breakfast place or spot for a regular date night. On the other hand, a reason is definitely not required to drop by AmberDonia.

The food, the family, the atmosphere, and the feeling of community are reason enough. Think you need to visit Europe for a perfectly flaky and fresh pastry? No way! Think you need to head to Naples for true Margherita pizza? Not at all! Just head into Kingston and find this unassuming spot on a typical neighborhood side street.

We could even say that AmberDonia itself is a “great place to call home”.

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